“Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.” _ Hippocrates

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Hi ! I am Nargis! MS, RDN/ Dietitian Nutrition Coach

I am a holistic nutritionist, helping you build a healthy relationship with food

 I'm a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a medical and counseling background. I do Online and In-Person Nutrition Counseling in Beaumont Texas. 

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If you are tired of yo-yo dieting, overwhelmed by the information overload, suffering from a medical condition that needs a specialized diet, looking for a healthy lifestyle, or just want someone to help you achieve your goals

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"Nargis’s diet advice and plan have done wonders for me. I have not only benefitted with my digestive and skin issues rather I have experienced a steady, holistic improvement in my overall well being, in general.
   Nargis is an amazing, sincere,  kind soul. I hope and pray she continues to help people around her". 

            Giovanni Romerro

"I’ve been struggling with my weight most of my life.. Nargis made dieting easier and worthwhile. Not only have I felt better about myself physically, but mentally also.. I’m so happy to have chose her as my nutritionist."

       Shannon Beathard

I am truly grateful for finding Nargis to help me battle my food issues.  She is patient, kind, and very knowledgeable. I feel if anyone can guide me to a healthier lifestyle it is she.

Megan Lewis

Probably the most wonderful thing I have ever done for myself. Nargis helped me solve 99% of my problems just through diet alone. Do yourself a huge favor and try her diet. Give her 100% of your effort and you will see miraculous results. 

Razia Ismail

Nutrition Mindfulness is very nice, Informative, up to date, scientific and authentic place to get all of the nutritional information about your balance diet. Nargis Akhter really made me feel confident about myself and my diet. I have noticed an amazing result so far. I highly recommend this place to anyone ! 

My Definition of Health

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My definition of Nutrition: Nutrition is not just What You Eat but also What You Think and How You Feel. 

Looking at health from this perspective will help you look at a whole you.

I made my "80/20 Rule" of self empowerment; "80% of the time I am in control of my actions & reactions, 20% is not in my control."

This rule makes me mindful of my actions, makes me the owner of conduct!

My Motto in Nutrition

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  • Fresh!

  • Local!

  • Seasonal 

  • Home-cooked

  • Positive Thoughts!

  • Positive Emotions!

What Can I do for you?

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  • Help you discover & empower self.

  • Guide you through the process of introducing mindfulness into your daily activities which will enable you to make healthy choices in all areas of your life.

  • Facilitate adopting a healthy lifestyle change.

  • Assist you towards living a purposeful life

My Journey

From MD to RD!!

Very few people have taken this path!I

Let me share with you my unusual journey "from MD to RD". I am an international medical graduate. Back in medical school, I was deeply motivated by the words of Professor Abraham Verghese: “My desire to be a physician had a lot to do with that sense of medicine as a ministry of healing, not just a science, and not even just a science and an art, but also a calling.” 

I knew there was a bigger purpose for me!

Since then, I have been on a move between UK, Pakistan and USA with my husband and kids. These moves have been profoundly transformational in many ways, and I learned to balance life challenges. I learned to understand and adapt to the world rather than organize it. Being on the move made me open to new experiences and information, and I have learned to easily embrace change.


The skills acquired as a result of life long experiences became my personality traits.

I have a natural inclination towards understanding human behavior, and am able to perceive people in a different light. MBTI (Myer Briggs Personality Types) and CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) inform my counseling style. 

We moved to Beaumont Texas in 2015 as our youngest daughter got admitted in Lamar University and my husband got a job here. Having raised three beautiful kids, I decided to go back to my passion: love of food & counseling, to heal.  

I did my Masters in Family and Consumer Sciences with emphasis in Dietetics, followed by 1200 hours of internship, and finally, the RD boards. Dietitians go through this very organized & extensive curriculum to be able to provide you with evidence based knowledge and guide you on how to apply that knowledge to see the desired results.

Nutritional mindfulness is a connection between the nutritional health and mind that helps to recognize the mind-body connection and how to collaborate between them. We are increasingly learning of the connection between illness and our diet. Fortunately, when we use our intelligence with mindfulness we can chart our own course. 

I am a Certified LEAP- Therapist. CLT- Certified LEAP Therapist- LEAP stands for Lifestyle Eating And Performance.

A CLT Therapist receives advanced clinical training in managing adverse food reactions with an emphasis on food sensitivities. CLTs apply that knowledge by using the LEAP protocol – an evidence-based and highly effective eating plan for food sensitivity related health problems. 

LEAP utilizes the patented Mediator Release blood Test (MRT) to help uncover food and chemical sensitivities, not IgE allergies. Going far beyond avoidance or elimination diets, the LEAP Protocol is more practical and suited to the clinical realities of food sensitivities. 

Therefore, the CLT is able to routinely achieve rapid and dramatic clinical improvements, often when conventional therapies have failed.  


I hope knowing my background will help you better understand where I'm coming from. I hope to sow the seed of love, respect and happiness in each one of you, and to watch the harvest enjoyed by yourself and the people around you

Member of:

  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Current member of the following Dietetics Practice Groups (DPG)

  • Dietitians in Business and Communications

  • Dietitians in Medical Nutrition Therapy

Former Member of the following 'Academy Practice Groups', for dietetics

  • Nutrition Entrepreneur

  • Diabetes DPG

  • Dietetics in Health Care Communities (DHCC)

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  • Blue cross Blue Shield Texas

  • Aetna

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