Home Cooking

Image by Gareth Hubbard


My love for cooking started when I was 17 years old when I would help my mom prepare lunch after school. When we moved to UK after my marriage, I use to throw parties with fabulous food spreads and received compliments and suggestions to start a food business, like the famous 'Madhur Jaffrey', an Indian actress, food and travel writer. I never pursued a food business but my love for cooking kept growing. 

Pakistan has a rich culture of food and hospitality. It offers some of the best food around the world, that I may cover in a later blogpost.

Food is an integral part of our lives; our celebrations revolve around food, our families come together around food.

To develop a relationship of love with food, we need to love ourselves first, and accept how we are without any judgement. Food gives us the nutrition we need to nurture our bodies. The food we eat becomes part of ourselves.

When we make choices in our lives we opt for the best of everything. We don't go and buy junk for our houses, do we? Remember, your body is a sacred house. Treat it with love & respect.

Mindfulness teaches us to live in the moment, being conscious of what is going inside and coming out, whether it's the food we eat, thoughts we think or emotions we feel, all of them have the capacity to change our body chemistry.

Home cooking is your first step towards healthy lifestyle, & healthy body.

As your Health Consultant, I like to see more people learning the amazing effects of home cooking that will not only nourish your bodies but also your mind and soul, together we will create Happy Families and Happy Communities!

What are some of the benefits of home cooking?

  • Save two-third of the food budget

  • Can use healthier ingredients

  • Can control portion sizes

  • Can involve family members, stronger connection!

  • Save time 


These are just a few benefits - the emotional and psychological benefits are not even measurable!

Cooking is an art and science. It is like any other skill that looks difficult in the beginning but with some knowledge, and good organization it becomes pretty simple. The key to stress free cooking is planning and organization. I encourage cultural cooking with some adaptive habits. Whatever your style of cooking is, there are some basics that makes cooking easier and more fun. 

I am not a food blogger, but I love cooking so I am going to share my food pictures here. I can share my recipes, if you are interested :)