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Nutritional Counseling is becoming an essential need in these testing times. With the existing information overload, one has to look for professional advice from people who are certified to provide evidence based guidance. 


As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I will help you understand your nutrition related issues, and I will help build your new empowered self.


Real change needs to follow a pattern; before planting a garden, the ground has to be prepared. Without proper understanding of how thoughts, feelings & actions are connected, any new change will be encountered with lots of resistance making you fall back to old habits and feeling frustrated. It is not true that you failed to follow a diet, it is just that nobody showed you the path. You know your destination but don't know how to reach there.

I believe in lifestyle change rather than the yoyo dieting, which is losing and then regaining weight leaving you with more frustration and anger.  

What makes me unique?

  • My holistic approach towards my clients

  • Looking at the root cause of the problem for more permanent results

  • Making mindfulness as part of daily practice

  • A behavior change strategy right from the beginning of counseling

  • My past experience & diverse background as a medical doctor with tons of counseling experience in CBT

My counseling sessions are structured. You will be able to understand the difference once you start working with me, a road trip with navigation or one without navigation. I believe that, "In order to get the results, your actions must match the intensity of your desires".

Nutritional Mindfulness Counseling is unique in many ways: It is meant to empower you, it focuses on acquiring a balanced lifestyle, Prevention is the focus of NM counseling. Mindfulness is like a light, that will enlighten all areas of your life, be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.



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