• After the free discovery call and based on your symptoms related to food sensitivity, this consult will help me discover which route will best fit your needs.

  • The consult will be done online (aka tele-health) via a secure platform

  • During the session, we will talk about MRT 

  • The choice of the package will depend upon the severity of your illness, lifestyle, level of determination & compliance


Mediator Release Test (MRT) is a type of sensitivity test that measures the activity of the immune system after a particular food is consumed. All food induced inflammatory responses involve release of mediators (cytokines, prostaglandins etc from white blood cells)

which are responsible for causing the negative symptoms of food sensitivity. 

It gives us an accurate assessment of whether a food is causing a reaction and to what degree our immune system is creating "mediators" to fight off these particles in our bodies. MRT tests for 150 foods and chemicals which give a baseline for starting the LEAP diet. Following MRT, you work with a Registered Dietitian to tailor your LEAP diet plan and start on your journey toward a healthier, happier life.

The Mediator Release Test can be expensive and multiple nutrition consults with your dietitian are necessary during the LEAP protocol. However, it is cost effective in the long-term as opposed to spending hundreds of dollars on medications and tests that are not meant to eliminate the root problem.

The price of MRT testing will be discussed at the initial consult.

Most health insurance networks do not cover the cost of nutrition services for digestive conditions or MRT test. This is the main reason Nargis does not accept insurance but will be able to provide superbill.



12 weeks food sensitivity package


Step by step:

  •  Make a free discovery call to find out if this is for you

  • Get MRT Testing done

  • Buy the 12 weeks prepaid food sensitivity counseling package 


What's Included:

  •  5 Prepaid Sessions in 12 weeks

  • 3 Consults for 60 - 90 minutes each

  • 2 follow ups for 30 - 40 minutes each


Consult 1

  •  Discuss test results

  • Will review symptom survey

  • Implement LEAP Immunocalm diet

  • Provide menu & recipe ideas

Consult 2 

  • Review symptom survey

  • Food diary maintenance

  • Review progress

  • Continue to provide support

Consult 3

  • Review symptom survey

  • Implement rotation diet

  • Check adherence

  • Review progress

  • Continue to provide support

  • Nutrition handouts, tools, apps support as needed

  • Sessions will be carried on-line via secure platform

  • Email support in between sessions, and for 2 weeks after the package duration (12weeks) is finished

LEAP Follow up 1 

LEAP Follow up 2

Nargis will continue to review symptoms survey, check adherence & progress through the follow up sessions.

Support regarding behavior change or emotional needs related to compliance will be provided throughout the counseling session package time + email support after the package deal is over.